Sunday, November 30

Adios Leftovers

Thanksgiving is officially over here at my house. The leftovers have been eaten, the decorations packed neatly away for next year. Thanksgiving dinner went smoothly this year. No broken china, lost silver, linens and everyone arrived on time. I believe John has the award for eating the most pie. He finished half of a pecan this morning for breakfast. My mom has the award for eating the most leftovers. She loves left over turkey sandwiches.The only goof was my doing. I forgot the creamed potatoes, but with everything else I made it wasn't missed. Oh, and John thought he would be the dogs best friend and pour the remaining turkey drippings into Holly's dish. Nice daddy huh? Well it wasn't nice when she had an upset stomach that night and throughout the next day. I was gone shopping, so he was left to his own devices to clean up the remains of his "nice" gesture. I don't think he will be so "nice" when it comes to Christmas dinner.

Thursday, November 27

Stuffed Mushroom Recipe

Per request... I've been asked to give my stuffed mushrooms recipe. They are very tasty and much like the mushrooms from Red Lobster or Olive Garden. You can substitute the clams for bacon, shrimp, or sausage for a variety of flavors. We prefer clams, they have a wonderful taste and texture with the mushrooms.

Stuffed Mushrooms

3 packages of mushrooms (baby bellas or button) aprox 35-38 depending on unit size
1 can of minced clams, drained well
1/2 cup chopped onions
1 clove garlic, finely chopped
1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
1/2 cup plain soft bread crumbs
1/4 teaspoon oregano
salt and pepper to taste
Olive oil

1-With a dry paper towel or cloth gently wipe mushrooms to remove dirt. Do not wash them because mushroom soak up any liquid.

2-After they are clean, remove all stems and chop fine. They should just pop off with a gentle push of the thumb.

3-Saute clams, garlic, onion, with a small amount butter or olive oil until onions are soft and transparent.

4-Transfer sauteed items to a mixing bowl and combine with remaining ingredients, mixing well.

5-Stuff each mushroom cap with a small pinch of mixture making sure not to over stuff. Mushroom shrink as they cook.

6-Place mushroom on a foil covered baking sheet. Then brush with olive oil making sure to wet tops.

7-Bake in a 370 degree oven for 10-15 minutes until mushrooms are dark brown, moist and stuffing has browned to your liking.

Wednesday, November 26

Thanksgiving goodies

Thanksgiving smells are in the air. I sometimes feel the day before Turkey day is more hectic. I usually spend the day prepping and running around making pies, cranberries sauce and anything else that can help jump start my day. Being a family of 5 and the added guest makes for a large menu. Like any other family we have our standard holiday recipes. Those special recipes that send anything with a beating heart running into the kitchen with a watering mouth. Stuffed mushrooms happen to be one that my family adores. If I forget these I would find myself out in the cold. Thank gosh they are easy to produce in mass quantities and one that can be made a day ahead.

I also decided to let the kids help out this year. I pretty much gave them free range in the kitchen to make their favorite pies. I decided to keep the desserts simple this year. Two pumpkin, two pecan, and German Chocolate cake. Ryan of course wanted to make a pumpkin and Hannah a pecan. Hannah actually did each step herself with me just calling out measurements and directions. Isn't it a beautiful first pie? Especially for a 6 year old. Ryan, did well too! I helped him more since he is still learning measurements. He did a wonderful job. He got a little fork happy with the crust but still...if it taste as well as it smells I know what I'm having tomorrow!

How do you get your wiggles out?

I don't know about you but there are days where you feel like just running away...especially some place where silence and coffee are abundant. I have those moments (days LOL) weekly. That's when I like to throw in a CD and let the kids (and mom) get their wiggles out. Some times its Laurie Burkner, Silly Mother Goose songs, or even the sound track to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I know...I'm a dork, but that's besides the point. I'm glad I'm not alone. Heather and Ivy over at Home Ec 101 are having another one of their fabulous give aways. This time a great kids CD. They as mothers know how stressful certain points of the day can be with three kids, and how to turn that stress into something fun.

Tuesday, November 25

Ages ago....

Breathe deeply my Autumn child
the golden glow has found you now
Let sister summer rest her sleepy head
while you wake, lazy mist in your skies
Meek are the mornings and days grow mild
Leaves change faces as winds to you bow
Harvest awaits as winter spills her dread
Awake my child, and open your eyes
Breathe deeply my fair lass
Twirl while you sow, dance as you reap
Soon the frost will melt your dreams
Winter is hiding just beyond the hills
She will threaten your realm, make cold winds pass
her ivory veil smoothers and creeps
baring your meadows,
freezing your streams
as her Wrath spreads with her icy chills
Awaken my lovely maid
and make your days count
You are the light before the dark
You, my Autumn Child
Just a piece of work I was very proud of at one time. I miss writing and my art. Granted I wasn't the best or remotely very good. But it made me proud none the less. It was an outlet...something to do on those nights when sleep refused to knock on my window. My pen tablet sits in a box in the hall closet. I tell myself I'm going to get it out and finish those pieces that have waited for me. They sit in a dusty desktop folder..tempting me...But life has gotten more hectic and my list of "must do's" never seems to end. I'm not sure if thats the truth of it or if its really the fact I'm scared that my creativeness is empty.

Menu Monday

In lou of life changes and part of that is new routines and self help rules to make my days/weeks go by smoother, I've decided to post a little something each day. My girls over at Home Ec 101 are wonderful about making and helping with weekly menus. This is something I plan to keep up with as well.

  • Monday- Taco soup
  • Tuesday- Rubens and home fries
  • Wednesday- C.O.R.N (clean out refrig night)
  • Thursday- TURKEY DAY
  • Friday- Left overs
  • Saturday- Take out (kids pick)
  • Sunday- Breakfast night (waffles, bacon and fruit salad)

This is all if plans stay the same. My father is due back in Asheville Wednesday morning. Depending how his health, he may or may not be in surgery that afternoon. If so, Thanksgiving will be delayed until the weekend.

Thursday, November 6

Smartie Pants

We had our Parent & Teacher meetings today. Of course miss Hannah is doing wonderful. Her DRA score is 23 which is VERY good. 10-16 is first grade level and 18-28 is second grade! I was so excited about that. Math, expressive writing, etc was wonderful. So proud of her.

Ryan, was great for him. He needs a lot of work with letter sounds, but we know its because of his speech/language issues that has him behind. He did pretty good on his reading readiness score...he is getting there slowly but surely! He actually really enjoys and does well with Math :) I think this year is going a lot better than expected!

We also had his yearly IEP meeting. They reduced his speech therapy to twice a week. He is doing so well in that area. So now they are just going to focus of language. Set new goals in EC and OT. Sensory issues better. All in all...great news. He still is getting outside ST, Sensory, and PT.

We are starting him in Karate...thinking that may help build confidence and with sensory issues. Hannah is doing Upward Cheerleading and wants to take art lessons. We are looking into that or dance...

Mark is just Mark. LOL...normal toddler. Running and climbing all over the place. He is just so happy go lucky. Nothing can ruin his day.