Sunday, November 30

Adios Leftovers

Thanksgiving is officially over here at my house. The leftovers have been eaten, the decorations packed neatly away for next year. Thanksgiving dinner went smoothly this year. No broken china, lost silver, linens and everyone arrived on time. I believe John has the award for eating the most pie. He finished half of a pecan this morning for breakfast. My mom has the award for eating the most leftovers. She loves left over turkey sandwiches.The only goof was my doing. I forgot the creamed potatoes, but with everything else I made it wasn't missed. Oh, and John thought he would be the dogs best friend and pour the remaining turkey drippings into Holly's dish. Nice daddy huh? Well it wasn't nice when she had an upset stomach that night and throughout the next day. I was gone shopping, so he was left to his own devices to clean up the remains of his "nice" gesture. I don't think he will be so "nice" when it comes to Christmas dinner.


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