Friday, September 26

Happy Birthday Ryan!

What can I say about my big boy. We've been through so many trial with you. You've taught me so much about patience and understanding. You've a long road ahead of you my little man...just know I'm going to be with you every step of the way...holding your hand. Happy birthday baby.
He wanted a Dinosaur cake to, but with a volcano. Seems easy enough. LOL I don't know what it is with my boys and dinosaurs :)


School is in full force for the kids now. Has been for over a month. I'm back into the swing of things. Trying to find a new routine for myself. I'm not used to just having one kid at home. Its very quiet. I shouldn't complain. Should be grateful. At least I have all the time I need to get the house clean, dinner fixed, and the million of appointments, therapies, and what-not finished.
Life is still rolling by. Moms leg wound is finally healing and I've finished the hemo. I finally got her to go to the pain and wound I'm done being nurse for a wound I had no idea how to dress. She scared me this time. I truly thought she would lose it.

Kids are the same...perfectly wonderful...Ryan is doing so great in Kindergarten. I was so worried about how this year would go for him. Worried that his behavior would skyrocket and cause him a drastic change in his IEP. I was thrilled that he got Mrs. Doby (Hannah's teacher last year). She is just want he needed. Gentle but firm and one of the best teachers there. He is learning so much and getting along wonderfully with his classmates. He is having a little trouble doing is school work at times. We believe the ability is there, but if its fear, lack of confidence or just stubbornness....we aren't sure. He is still learning the material however. He turned 5 on the 25th. Such a big boy. I just can't believe how fast they are growing. When you are going through the sleepless nights of the baby stage or the tantrums of the terrible twos, you think that you'll never be able to sleep a night thru again or even finish a cup of coffee without having to reheat it a millions times....but those days do pass...then one wish you could just freeze time.

Hannah is also doing great. Soars through school with ease. To much ease, I believe. She isn't challenged enough and is becoming bored. Hopefully that will change soon enough. We are still having issues with her CP and heal cords. She is almost at a complete collapse but the AFO's given last aren't what she needs (so says level 4 and the PT)....looks like botox injections are the next step. She is in pain...poor baby...standing 5 minutes to her is like having to work 12 hours on your feet with no breaks. She keeps her chin up however and tries not to complain.

Mark is also just wonderful. Running 90 mph and climbing all over the place. He has such a mild manner to endearing. He will be 14 months soon....thinks he is going on 7. LOL Christmas will be so much fun for him this year...and Halloween...LOL..I'm curious to see what he thinks about eating his first candy.

John is John...LOL...what more can I say. Same ole same ole. I finally did get him an appointment with the Sleep Center for his snoring. It is apnea. Thank gosh they are going to set him up with a breathing machine soon. They said his O2 level went below 70 many times during the night. He should have done this years ago.

Anyway, thats about it here....I'll upload new pics soon.