Thursday, November 6

Smartie Pants

We had our Parent & Teacher meetings today. Of course miss Hannah is doing wonderful. Her DRA score is 23 which is VERY good. 10-16 is first grade level and 18-28 is second grade! I was so excited about that. Math, expressive writing, etc was wonderful. So proud of her.

Ryan, was great for him. He needs a lot of work with letter sounds, but we know its because of his speech/language issues that has him behind. He did pretty good on his reading readiness score...he is getting there slowly but surely! He actually really enjoys and does well with Math :) I think this year is going a lot better than expected!

We also had his yearly IEP meeting. They reduced his speech therapy to twice a week. He is doing so well in that area. So now they are just going to focus of language. Set new goals in EC and OT. Sensory issues better. All in all...great news. He still is getting outside ST, Sensory, and PT.

We are starting him in Karate...thinking that may help build confidence and with sensory issues. Hannah is doing Upward Cheerleading and wants to take art lessons. We are looking into that or dance...

Mark is just Mark. LOL...normal toddler. Running and climbing all over the place. He is just so happy go lucky. Nothing can ruin his day.


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