Tuesday, November 25

Menu Monday

In lou of life changes and part of that is new routines and self help rules to make my days/weeks go by smoother, I've decided to post a little something each day. My girls over at Home Ec 101 are wonderful about making and helping with weekly menus. This is something I plan to keep up with as well.

  • Monday- Taco soup
  • Tuesday- Rubens and home fries
  • Wednesday- C.O.R.N (clean out refrig night)
  • Thursday- TURKEY DAY
  • Friday- Left overs
  • Saturday- Take out (kids pick)
  • Sunday- Breakfast night (waffles, bacon and fruit salad)

This is all if plans stay the same. My father is due back in Asheville Wednesday morning. Depending how his health, he may or may not be in surgery that afternoon. If so, Thanksgiving will be delayed until the weekend.


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