Tuesday, November 25

Ages ago....

Breathe deeply my Autumn child
the golden glow has found you now
Let sister summer rest her sleepy head
while you wake, lazy mist in your skies
Meek are the mornings and days grow mild
Leaves change faces as winds to you bow
Harvest awaits as winter spills her dread
Awake my child, and open your eyes
Breathe deeply my fair lass
Twirl while you sow, dance as you reap
Soon the frost will melt your dreams
Winter is hiding just beyond the hills
She will threaten your realm, make cold winds pass
her ivory veil smoothers and creeps
baring your meadows,
freezing your streams
as her Wrath spreads with her icy chills
Awaken my lovely maid
and make your days count
You are the light before the dark
You, my Autumn Child
Just a piece of work I was very proud of at one time. I miss writing and my art. Granted I wasn't the best or remotely very good. But it made me proud none the less. It was an outlet...something to do on those nights when sleep refused to knock on my window. My pen tablet sits in a box in the hall closet. I tell myself I'm going to get it out and finish those pieces that have waited for me. They sit in a dusty desktop folder..tempting me...But life has gotten more hectic and my list of "must do's" never seems to end. I'm not sure if thats the truth of it or if its really the fact I'm scared that my creativeness is empty.


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