Wednesday, November 26

Thanksgiving goodies

Thanksgiving smells are in the air. I sometimes feel the day before Turkey day is more hectic. I usually spend the day prepping and running around making pies, cranberries sauce and anything else that can help jump start my day. Being a family of 5 and the added guest makes for a large menu. Like any other family we have our standard holiday recipes. Those special recipes that send anything with a beating heart running into the kitchen with a watering mouth. Stuffed mushrooms happen to be one that my family adores. If I forget these I would find myself out in the cold. Thank gosh they are easy to produce in mass quantities and one that can be made a day ahead.

I also decided to let the kids help out this year. I pretty much gave them free range in the kitchen to make their favorite pies. I decided to keep the desserts simple this year. Two pumpkin, two pecan, and German Chocolate cake. Ryan of course wanted to make a pumpkin and Hannah a pecan. Hannah actually did each step herself with me just calling out measurements and directions. Isn't it a beautiful first pie? Especially for a 6 year old. Ryan, did well too! I helped him more since he is still learning measurements. He did a wonderful job. He got a little fork happy with the crust but still...if it taste as well as it smells I know what I'm having tomorrow!


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