Wednesday, December 24

Merry Christmas

Last post before I go crazy finishing the final touches before tonight. I still have wrapping to do and some re wrapping (thanks crumb snatchers), Christmas mouse prep, and the mountain of food to get ready. Everything is complete except the Ham, green bean casserole, rolls, and mom is working on the potato salad as we speak. Sometime today I have to take a tray to my dads who is under the weather and not up to joining us tonight. I still need to mop and do a fly by dusting. 

I am in such a joyous mood. This has been one of the best Christmas seasons here at my house. So many memories made, laughter and smiles...we are truly blessed. 

I also want to extend a thanks to my friend Heather over at Home Ec 101. She helped me out of a fast pinch this morning when I found I was completely out of sweetened condensed milk that I so very desperately needed for the Chocolate cream pie. You rock mama...Thanks a million. 

Also above is a little chocolate porn for my friend Stephanie over at A close Knit Family and my other girls both Summer, August, ASD/PDNOS/GDD and October. I have enjoyed you being apart of my life this past year. You've been there for advice, humor, encouragement and support. Next, to one of my best friends online and IRL, Rachel over at Sweet Angel Memories. Thanks for being you...enough said. And to my new twin Leslie. I swear we were separated at birth (other than religious beliefs) which we so smartly detour from.You've not only helped validate my views but given me some great new recipes. To Kim...thanks for helping me find my way to being a better wife and mother and the knowledge of my roles in the home.  Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas..I love you ladies. 


Anonymous said...

You are too sweet! Thank YOU for being you! I am so thankful to have had you in my life for these last few years. You are a great friend to have. I wub you!

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