Tuesday, December 23

Beware of the Pig-it

This morning our family made cookies for Santa. So much fun decorating and nibbling. No pictures of the older crumb snatchers eating theirs, I'm  pretty sure Hannah and Ryan inhaled their cookies. Mark however is a true classic foodie. He savors each bites as if it were his last meal. 

Later my Ryan mistook the day and took the tray and placed it on the table closest to the tree. As I was busy in the kitchen making pies, he ran in thinking Santa had been here but left nothing because the cookies were gone...I looked for the tray which of course was not in the kitchen...then followed my son to investigate. Low and behold, empty tray...guess Holly (super fab pooch) had herself a super fab snack. I guess another tray for Santa will be made sometime today and Holly's new nickname is Pig-it...coined by Ryan. 

Sugar cookie recipe will not be posted. Old family secret of course :) But the icing recipe is from Home Ec 101. My normal recipe doesn't allow you to leave out the vanilla extract which is impossible to get a pure white. This taste wonderful and is very simple. I'm tossing my  own and adopting a new. 


Anonymous said...

Where are mine?? These look wonderful!!!!! I love cookies like this, just never have the patience to give them a try. Need my address?

Missew said...

Aww good thing Pig-it is cute!! You are a better mom than I am .. if I had to do it all again I may just resort to store bought (OH THE HORROR!) Mark looks too cute with his cookie .. pass the plate when you are done :)

Anonymous said...

Well I for one, worked hard decorating those "darn" cookies! Pig-It better be glad I love her so! ROFLMAO ~Mom~

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