Saturday, December 27

Lord grant me patience

So I admit it. I'm a neurotic mother. I've always owned up to it. I worry about my kids behavior, manners, dress, and cleanliness. I boarder on the line between pushy and obsessive. Its all the fault of high expectations. I expect perfection. I never receive it and that's okay...but I expect it. LOL I joke with my friends that instead of a college fund I have therapy funds for my three. But as far as my neurotic quirks, I've always worried that my kids were utter brats. I get the normal back talk from them that I guess most parents get, not that I tolerate it one iota, but are kids right? With having my two oldest so close together they can fight like rabid dogs one minute and then the next shouting from the highest peak how much they love their sibling. Being an only child, for years I thought that my children had some sort of relationship complex or inherited bipolar tendencies.

I never knew until 10 minutes ago just how wonderfully behaved my children are. They may whine, complain, and be brats occasionally or have exorcist type tantrums....but they are close enough to perfect for me. Even my son with PDD/NOS and ADHD and other behavioral delays is greatly behaved.

Enters my great nephew. Two months younger than my Ryan who turned 5 in September. My great nephew was invited to spend the night with us for the first time, has graced this house for 10 minutes and already I'm wanting to send him packing. Lord grant me the patience I need to make it until morning without the use of children's benadryl.


Wenny said...

Hi Kendra
Just like you, I'm a mom too. I have a 17-year-old son. I think we wouldn't be normal moms if we are not neurotic about our kid(s)!

I salute you! You are so much better at it than I have, what with 3 kids.

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I'll be thinking of you!!! LOL... you know I have to laugh.

Kendra said...

LOL Thanks Wenny. You are right, if we were neurotic then we wouldn't care so much.

How do you do it with a teenager? Eekk...I am so dreading those days.

Kendra said...

LOL you hush will be your turn soon. Wait until you have sleep overs LOL

Missew said...

LOL I think we all have our issues with our kids, and strive for perfection on some level. I think I will be the one needing counseling in the end, not them LOL

Good luck with the nephew tonight, if he keeps it up, benedryl is a better option than locking in the closet. :)

Kayla said...

Kendra, Hope you made it through the night.. I at times think that my kids need to get their act together, then I turn around and see other children and I am grateful that my kids are who and what they are.. =) Are you having a glass of wine to unwind today? lol

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