Monday, December 29

Cupcakes and Snewffy...

A few years ago I made myself a promise that when I gave the kids a birthday or Christmas gift it would be handmade. After receiving my order of hats and mittens from my friend Steph over at A Close Knit Family. And seeing how much Hannah absolutely adored her cupcake set, I ordered her a matching handbag. I decided that Hannah's gift would be handmade, just not handmade by mom. Let's face it, I need lots of practice on my knitting. The first thing I made were booties for my youngest crumb snatcher...and he won't be able to wear them until he graduates from High School...or grows into a gigantic super baby. Mom needs a lot of work in the knitting area. 

Well Steph did it again...material is so soft and details are perfect. My cupcake loves her cupcake purse...especially the sprinkles. 

For Ryan this year, I made him a shirt with his favorite cartoon pup...Snewffy (as my Ryan calls him). He has an obsession over the Peanuts gang...and he even has a crush on the little red head girl next door. His only trouble is that he has to much hair to be Charlie Brown. 



Stephanie said...

Aww, glad she liked it. Snewffy is almost as cute as Ryan. Let's talk knitting someday soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Precious!! Steph did a fantastic job as always! Your "snewffy" shirt turned out great. I can't believe how big Ryan is now. He officially has lost all his baby look. Such a big boy!

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