Monday, December 8

It's not a hat, its a cupcake!

Once upon a time there were two cheeky mamas who happened to also be fabulously gorgeous ... decided to pass the time away drooling over One mama said, "Hey, look, isn't this hat would look so good on Miss Princess Diva Brat (aka Hannah)?". The ultra wondrous crafty mama named Stephanie over at A Close Knit Family said "I can make that.." and so the conspiracy began unknowingly to Mr. Kendra who thought only one set was being made. MUAHHHHHH....

But in all seriousness, aren't they just too CUTE! I had her make all three of my crumb snatchers a set. So soft and well made. The kids adore them and when Mark saw himself in the mirror with his froggie hat he gave a big ole belly laugh. He thought he was so funny. Thanks a million Steph :) And if you don't open your own store I'm driving to MI and stealing your brand new gold knitting needles. Next on my list is felt play food, a new sweater for Holly, and braided hand bands. So you better relax those hands.


Missew said...

Isn't Steph just faboo?? I love her stuff!

Stephanie said...

It was my pleasure to make these things for your little sweeties. You are too to post about them.

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