Saturday, February 21

Trash to treasure finds

Yesterday while out doing errands uptown, I came across a consignment store that I had passed by many times without giving it a second glance. The thought popped into my head that this was the perfect spot to look for a much needed sewing cabinet to fit my dinosaur of a machine. They of course had many second hand machines at great price, no cabinets or craft tables on hand. I did spot the items above however. They may look like junk at first glance...but I see potential. 

The rabbit is handmade...probably someones first try at the pattern. They did a wonderful job and it is brand new. No use to be seen. Stiff starched fabric makes me guess it was created with love within the last year. The dress is girlie and classic. Perfect for my daughter for Easter. I foresee many tea parties with this 75 cent deal! I'll fit her with an apron, bloomers, more decorative ribbons, and she will be perfect. 

The basket was $1.00. I needed one to fit my work in progress knitting and craft fabric. Easier for me to tote it from room to room than the shopping bag I was using. Even fits my 14" needles. 

And last but not a wooden rolled note holder. My grandfather used to have one in his kitchen to write down needed items as soon as he ran low on something. I have the worst memory and always forget something while shopping. Even if I make a list. This way my list is already made and ready to go anytime I need to restock the pantry. It has some wear and tear on it. I'll restain it or paint it to coordinate with my kitchen, and maybe even decoupage it with some pretty scrap paper. Cost...$1.00


Kayla said...

Great steals! I can't wait to see what the doll looks like after you have your way with it.. lol =) I also love having my list on the fridge to write down things as I run low, its the only way I remember these days!

Reeni♥ said...

The doll is adorable!! Great finds, love the note holder!

Chef E said...

I am one of those southern girls that has a bumper sticker that says 'Brakes for garage sales and thrift stores' :) I love antique stores, but have to hold myself back!

Anonymous said...

What great finds. I love just taking a Saturday and going to Antique and Thrift stores.

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