Friday, December 19

Magic Reindeer Food

Who says Santa is the only one who gets treats Christmas Eve? What about the reindeer...they are the ones having to haul all the loot roof to roof. That's a hard job. I only haul three kids and I struggle with that myself. 

Magic Reindeer food is a very cheap and easy project you can do at home with the kids or for a class project. I have done this project with my kids classes since preschool and its always a big hit. You can also teach measurements and counting while having fun. Easy way to get your little ones learning in the kitchen!

All it contains is raw rolled oats, sprinkles, and marshmallows. Some recipes call for glitter, but we prefer not to give indigestion to birds and rabbits who will most likely eat the we stick with sprinkles. I think they can handle a sugar high better than the bloat (or death)...there really is no ratios to do all depends on how much food you want to leave the reindeer. We feel a small handful does the one wants Blizten so fat he can't fly and I hear Comet has a bad case of flatulence

1/2 cup rolled oats
1 tablespoon sprinkles of your choice
9 marshmallows or M&M's (one for each reindeer)
ziplock bags

*For a classroom, you can print the graphic above to place on the bags. 


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