Thursday, January 1

New Beginnings

The kids have been in bed since 12:15. We had a wonderful evening playing board games, eating finger foods, baking cookies and just enjoying each others company. Mark said a new word this evening. I asked him if he wanted to make cookies and he ran to the oven and said "Good Good Good". He learns quickly. 

It's now 1:30 and I have a second wind. Maybe with the kids ringing in the new year they may sleep a little later in the morning. Some how I highly doubt that, but I can dream. 

I sit here, wide awake thinking of what this new year will bring. I want it to be a fresh start for us as a family. Not that I'm not proud of our past accomplishments, but I'm looking forward to the steps we are taking in a new direction. I don't believe in resolutions, but I do in new beginnings.

In the year of 2009, my husband and I will lead our family on a closer walk with the Lord. We will keep our home prosperous, full of warmth, comfort, and secure for our children. Build stronger bonds with each child individually all the while focusing on family unity. 

I will keep constant in my role as my husbands wife. I will follow his lead and be his support. I will hold fast to feminine ways. 

For 2009, my goals are to transition our home into a greener, more frugal, and natural sanctuary. With this I will cut our processed food purchases even more.  Starting my own organic vegetable garden and teaching myself the process of canning. 

This year I will also let go of old friendships that are no longer healthy or support my faith, values, and transitions, but will continue to encourage them and pray for their well being. I will build stronger more fruitful relationships with those that hold constant to loyalty, responsibility, truthfulness, and humor. 

Also in 2009, I want to stop being such an adult. I'm going to jump in the leaves, remember the taste of honeysuckle, climb a tree, run bare foot in the grass, make a mud pie, and I will remember that the world will not explode if the dishes wait 10 minutes, if the kids eat peanut butter for breakfast, and that spilt milk does not burn a hole in counters or floors. I will remember to breath...remember to laugh...remember to love harder, and know that my family will love me all the more for it. 


Stephanie said...

Hope the kids slept in for you. Fantastic resolutions.

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful! I love the last paragraph.

Lori Lackey said...

Kendra, I LOVE your New Beginnings post! Wonderful! I also hope to not be such an adult this year :) And although my time seems so limited at times - am trying to get back to a simpler way of life....

Jessica said...

Hope that you have a wonderful year that will be filled with many blessings!

This is my first time to your blog, please stop by my blog and say hello as well! :)

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