Friday, January 23

Friday Finds

We did get some snow Monday night. Although it wasn't the dreaded 4-5 inches they called for...we got a sprinkle. Enough to close the schools, to the delight of my two oldest. They spent the day trying to make snow people, which as you can see there wasn't even enough to make a snowman for an ant farm. They tried though. What can I say, we live in the south...snow days are very few and far between. Which I'm 100% sure Miss Holly aka super fab pooch is grateful for. She hated getting her little paws wet and just wanted to know exactly who was going to clean up all that mess.

It melted by afternoon and then the kids decided to build forts and hide from their tiniest sibling. Holly happily napped on the couch. Mom on the other hand got to relax and browse are this weeks fabulous finds.

First is the adorable Hugs and Kisses Red Apron from Creative Designs by Nicole. I received this as a birthday gift and I just LOVE it. The picture does not do it justice. Its very well made and functional for a great everyday apron. Although this isn't available anymore (ha ha), she does have others. 

Second I found this wonderful little tutorial for Cupcake Bath Bombs at Little Birdie Secrets. This will be a great idea for Hannah and I to sink our hands in for Christmas or birthday gifts. They also have tons of other great homemade DIY ideas.


Anonymous said...

Your posts are starting to get dangerous! If you keep incouraging me to buy things, I may have to move in with you guys when James gives me the boot. I'll be sure to grab his credit card on the way out though ;)

And poor Holly!! She looks like she is freezing in the horrible blizzard of snow! Haha.

Stesha said...

That apron is so pretty! I want one. It would be nice to learn how to cook too.

Reeni♥ said...

Holly looks like she is saying "why are you making me do this?" The cupcake bomb is sooo cute!! And the tea-wonderful flavors!

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