Friday, January 16

Friday Finds

I'm guilty....I am the worst product browser ever. I love nice things, but I also love great prices. Who doesn't? I get an addiction to something and it just snowballs until I have a mile long wish list. I do find some unique and some times absolutely insane items...but its fun none the less. I end up putting them in my favorites and if I find I keep going back and drooling over it a million times, then I get the courage to break out the debit card. If goes in the trash bin. Browsing lead me to these little cuties. 

First I want to share a product that my pooch just loves. Miss Holly thinks the Peanut Crunch treats are better than sliced roast beef. Miss Doreen over at Doggie Bakes sure knows how to pamper a pooch. 

Then, thinking about how much Holly adores these treats had me searching for recipes, I was thinking to make Holly treats myself...then I saw what went into them...and I'll just leave the doggie treat making to Dorreen. :) 

But then, if you know know I went recipe browsing. Oh and I have a love hate loves me, but I hate what it does to my bum. Rambling on....I really need a recipe box. Something cute and different besides the standard brown or metal box. I found this adorable little box over at Gifts And Talents has a wonderful assortment of custom recipe boxes among her items. 

Then of course I have to browse for new roosters. I found this print called "The Happy Rooster" over at BeiLeXian. Isn't it just full of awesome and win! It would be perfect for my kitchen.


Reeni♥ said...

I love making homemade doggy bones. I don't make meat ones but have made peanut butter, cheddar and bacon, and veggie ones. I love the recipe box, the design is really pretty. And that's the prettiest rooster I've ever seen!

Anonymous said...

Holly is so spoiled! :) LOL I love the recipe box and LOVE LOVE LOVE the rooster! You are really getting me into roosters here lately.

Chef E said...

I love both!

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