Sunday, December 7

If I were Santa Claus...

You know I have trouble sleeping. I'm one of those people that sleeps like the dead and a freight train can come crashing through my room and I wouldn't even bother to turn over. Its just getting to sleep that's my trouble. My mind keeps wondering and playing back my day, old memories, or I lay biting my nails over one worry or another. Last night it happened to be the topic of Christmas that had me tossing and turning. I've lately turned a new leaf. Set new proprieties. One is to focus on the memories we create as a family and not the material items we gather. To not stress over being one of the "haves" instead of the "have nots". To bring more frugality into my life and home. With that new mindset, we decided last year to scale back at Christmas time. The amount of money we spent just on our families gifts alone was more that most peoples mortgages. Add the cost of friends, extended family, teachers, had left the term "ridiculous" behind and had ventured into idiocy.

Old habits do die hard though. I sat there cozy in my bed, wanting, and NEEDING to sleep. I worried, "is it enough?", "who did we forget", and of course I am a natural giver. I admit its a bit selfish in a backwards way, but the best gift I can receive is watching excitement when people open the "perfect" gift(s) I painstakingly searched high and low for. But in lou of above mentioned life changes, the pressure to find everyone that perfect off. Yet, the mind wonders.

If I were Santa Claus and could pick any gift or wish out of my sack, I'd give.....
  • my parents and those alike---affordable health care, paired with free prescriptions. May you have freedom from aches and pains.

  • my husband---a raise, better hours, and get out of jail (doghouse) free cards.

  • my friends---time to read a good book and have a long soak, ALONE.

  • my daughter---fulfillment of all your hopes and dreams, freedom from want or need, and of course full scholarship to the college of your choice :)

  • my sons---see list above and of course may you find someone as wonderful as your mother to wed and that I'll like her :)

  • ...Holly (my super fab pooch)---a pair of pumps made purely of peanut butter and bacon

  • my loopies---google ground breaking hits, breathtaking photographs, one of a kind cakes, closer walks with God, sold gold knitting needles, skyrocketing sales, and the knowledge that they're making a difference in this world.

  • ...For those that steal newspapers---a job delivering the Sunday paper without pay

  • ...for all the homeless and mistreated dogs and cats---caring owners who will love and cherish them, and who recognize the responsibility of spaying and neutering.

  • ...For Oprah---never mind..she can buy whatever she wants

  • ...OPEC---a long wait in a line to purchase something they need yet cannot afford

I'm sure tonight will be another one of those nights. I'm sure to add to my list.


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