Thursday, December 11

Brown Sugar Brick

Did you know that brown sugar can be registered as a deadly weapon? It can, especially if you don't transfer it to a tightly sealed container and just throw the bag into your refrigerator. I learned that the hard way after buying a new bag during the Thanksgiving holidays and in a rush of cooking got lazy. So during my day of Baking Bliss I found, kitchen laziness just means more work later. The old Kendra would have just chucked the bag into the trash and jumped into the grocery getter (a.k.a mini van~stop laughing) to purchase a new bag. BTW, that bag too would have ended in the refrig uncovered. Oh the Horror of it all. But in my new found frugality, I knew I had to save it. So how do you save a brown sugar brick, you say? Well, maybe you know the answer....but I didn't. Usually I'm not the brightest crayon in the box, but I did know that the moisture had evaporated from the sugar. I needed to somehow replenish that moisture. But how? AHHH HAAA, I had it. The microwave. I didn't want it to melt however, so I sawed the brick in half. Yes, I said I didn't actually use a saw, but I swear it would have been easier. So in the microwave the brick went...along with water in a separate cup. I started with a minute...hoping the vapor would moisten the sugar. It was extremely depleted of any H2O, that I had to go to three...Finally it worked! It became soft and crumbly once more. I love when I have these moments of brilliance :) Oh hush, I know its a secret that's probably been around since the dawn of microwaves...but at least I learned a few lessons, #1, there is a use for the microwave besides popcorn and heating cold coffee, #2 when somethings says store in a tightly sealed container, there is a reason why. 


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